Convocation day a few days to go ...

Assalamualaikum ^^

Yeay ! Convocation day near to the corner . Just a few days to go i will got my diploma holder officially on 16 May 2012. *baru diploma je*  I don't care, at least i try my best in 3 years ago and got final result 3.40. Mak ayah, even ika tak macam abang abang dan kakak , ika dah try sehabis baik untuk membuktikan yang ika pun boleh macam mereka even lambat *ambik diploma then degree*. And now i will prove that i can be a degree holder soon. I promise mum, dad .


..my preparation is 90% for my convocation 3 days to go . Borang jubah & etc = done ! , Boarding pass = done ! And tomorrow fly to sarawak. Can't wait to see my friends . Excaited sesangat ! :))

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tahniah tahniah.. hehe

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